BIZpaye Aims To Solve The Current Problems With Crypto

Anyone Can Create A Token & Launch It As A Currency

But Majority Have No Experience Managing & Developing A Currency & Lack The Ability To Deploy It At A Merchant Level
BIZpaye’s Team Has Decades Of Experience Managing Virtual & Real Currency’s In A Merchant Market

Current Tokens Have Limited Uses When It Comes To Monetization

Most Can Only Be Used For;

  • Investment
  • Trading Between Tokens
  • Converting To Fiat

But What Most People Want Is To Use Crypto In Everyday Retail Spend
BIZpaye Has Solved This With Our Already Establish Merchant Market Operating In 12 Countries, with 1000’s of BIZpaye Merchants That Already Accept Virtual Currency (BIZpaye Barter Credits)

Merchant's Still Require Localized Education & Support To Accept Crypto As A Currency

Take The Case Of BITCOIN, Estimated Only 100k Businesses Accept & There Are No Entities That Actively Recruit New Merchants To Trade & Manage These Merchants On A Daily Basis.

  • Merchants Worldwide Won’t Let Consumers Purchase Products & Services With Crypto Without Trust & Education
  • Merchants Need Localized Contact In Order To Be Educated Before They Will Accept Crypto As A Currency
  • A Merchant Will Not Easily Be Sold Into Trading Goods & Services By A Crypto Token Entity If That Token Entity Is On The Other Side Of The World & Does Not Have Localized Support For The Merchants  

BIZpaye’s Office Network In 12 Countries Has Solved This Issue – BIZpaye Has Been Recruiting & Growing Merchant Networks That Accept Virtual Currencies (Barter Credits) For Many Years Now

The Crypto Industry Is Challenged By The Cart Before The Horse Syndrome

Most Will Ask For Funding Through ICO’s First Then Promise To Build It
BIZpaye Has Already Developed The Foundation Of It’s Merchant Network Over The Past 5 Years
BIZpaye Offers A real World Marketplace For The Blockchain – There’s No Waiting We Are Here & Growing