Current Merchant

Our Current Merchant Base Is BIZpaye Crypto Ready

Virtual Currency Ready

  • BIZpaye Merchant's Already Have An Open Mindset To Accepting Our Virtual Barter Credit Currency
  • Because Of Their Open Mindsets To Accepting A Virtual Currency, The Deployment Of BIZpaye Crypto As A Means To Transact Is A Simple Process

Other Barter Company’s

  • There Are Hundreds Of Other Barter Companies Around The World & Seeking To Link Their Merchants Into The BIZpaye Crypto Ecosystem  Upon Its Deployment
  • This Will Open Up BIZpaye Crypto To 10's Of Thousand's More Merchants Worldwide

Our Merchants Want Crypto

  • Our Existing BIZpaye Merchants Are 100% Behind Our BIZpaye Crypto Project, Here’s Why….
  • 28th Of February 2018
  • 8 Hour Pre-Whitepaper Sale 
  • Thailand Merchants Pre-Purchased  US$2 Million In Tokens.
  • This Proves That Our Merchant's Are Ready For BIZpaye Crypto