Our Market Opportunity = Spare Capacity In Business

Unsold Capacity In Business Today Is Estimated To Be Worth More Than $7 Trillion Dollars

Spare Capacity Is The Ability To Take On More Business Without Increasing Fixed Cost. Spare Capacity Is Also Known As “Downtime, Excess Inventory, Unproductive/Unsold Assets Or Deal Capital” And There Is An Estimated $7 Trillion Dollars Of It World-wide. From Unsold Appointment Time, Empty Hotel Rooms, Unsold Venue Passes, Unfilled Advertising Space, Rapidly Depreciating Stock, End-of-line Items Or Oversupplied Products All Represent Lost Revenue Which Otherwise Will Never Be Recovered.

Imagine If We Could Monetize This Spare Capacity Through A Decentralized Single Crypto Barter Currency

  • Spare Capacity Is A Business & Industry Killer
  • But It Can Also Be A Massive Opportunity For The Crypto Industry
  • Spare Capacity Not Only Touches Traditional Business Goods & Services But More Recently Has Extended To Include The Share Community Industry With Household Names Rising Out Of This Massive Spare Capacity Market Such As;

Whilst Household Names Have Grown Out Of The Community Sharing Spare Capacity Sector, The Focus Of Converting This $7 Trillion Dollar Business Spare Business Capacity Market Through Crypto Has Been Relatively Untouched – Until Now.

Monetizing $7 Trillion Dollars Of Business Spare Capacity Comes In Many Forms


Monetize Idle Stock & Time, Appts


Monetize End Of Line & Slow
Moving Stocks


Monetize Over Production Or Fill Production


Monetize Gov’t Surplus & Waste


Monetize Empty Tables, Rooms, Bookings

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