Virtual Currency = A 50 Year Old Industry

Virtual Currencies Not New

  • Virtual Currencies Such As BIZpaye Crypto Are Not A New  Phenomenon
  • Barter Exchange Industry Have Been Using Online & Offline Virtual Currencies For Over 50 Years
  • As Much As The Fax Machine Was A Precursor To The Email The Barter Currency (BIZpaye) Was The Precursor To Crypto

Virtual Barter Currency

  • BIZpaye Has It's Own Virtual (Barter) Currency
  • Local Trade Currency Is Pegged To The Local Cash Currency For Example
  • 99% Of Governments Recognize Barter Currency Such As BIZpaye Trade Dollars
    • Australia = Trade Dollar or T$
    • Thailand = Trade Baht or TB
    • 1 x Cash $ = 1 x Trade $

BIZpaye Barter Currency

  • Merchants Across The World Use BIZpaye's Barter Currency To Trade Millions Of Dollars  Every Month such as
    • Restaurant Meals
    • Car Repairs
    • Hair Cuts
    • New & Used Cars
    • Purchasing Condos/Apartments & More