Welcome to BIZpaye & we thank you for your interest in BIZpaye CRYPTO.

For Over 20 Years Now I have been fortunate to have been involved in the Trade Exchange industry across many countries worldwide, trading millions of dollars of products and services across many borders.

The BIZpaye International Group of Companies Core Team have more than 100 Years of combined experience in Barter, Crypto & Collective Currencies, Exchange & Currency Management, International Trade, Software Development, Sales & Marketing and more.

On top of this the BIZpaye International Group of Companies has invested heavily into our systems, technology, Franchise systems and procedures and more.

The purchase of BIZpaye CRYPTO provides you with an opportunity to not only reach more like-minded business owners and customers, through our already established Global Marketplaces. It also offers you an opportunity to strive for potential new ways to transact through the ever-growing Crypto market.

Unlike many players entering the Crypto Market, who just seem to have appeared out of nowhere, BIZpaye has been actively trading and organically growing our International Merchant Network for many years now.

To put it simply, we didn't just decide to jump on the Crypto bandwagon, the fact is, BIZpaye CRYPTO has been part of our Global Business Plan since the day we launched BIZpaye many years ago, and has been actively advertised on our Corporate Website www.BIZpaye.com.

BIZpaye enters the Crypto Market with an established Global Merchant Trading network from the start, which is a unique proposition for any Crypto Token today. This means, there is a real-world use case for our Token from the start.

In December 2018, we launched the BIZpaye Crypto Token onto the Blockchain via the Proassetz Exchange, with the world’s first and unique trading symbol of “CRYPTO", making it easier for you to find our token on platforms such as CoinMarketCap and more. Let’s face it, everyone calls cryptocurrencies Crypto, but to date, no one has used the trading symbol of CRYPTO. 

Our hope and belief that over time, the same way people refer to searching on the internet as “Google It” we hope that the BIZpaye Crypto Token with the unique trading symbol of CRYPTO will become the common reference to BIZpaye.

Via the BIZpaye Global Network we open up a new and ingenious ways for business owners to enter the Crypto market, whereby they can effectively barter/swap their goods and services to purchase BIZpaye Crypto, whilst growing their sales and customer base.

BIZpaye already has its own proprietary merchant ecosystem where the BIZpaye Crypto Token can be used for purchasing everyday goods and services worldwide, plus we have recently entered into an agreement with www.BuyShipSave.shop where Token holders can purchase anything from their online store, chose from thousands of everyday items and pay for these items with 50% of the price payable in BIZpaye Crypto, from there it will be delivered to your door worldwide.

At BIZpaye, we provide a flexible payment system for buyer and sellers, where they can use varying percentages of fiat, barter or Crypto in a single transaction, providing pure flexibility to accommodate the needs of the buyer and the seller.   

The BIZpaye Group of Companies comprises of a variety of different business units across many countries and provides our end users a much fairer and more attractive form of trading for business, whilst meeting modern day expectations when it comes to doing business, which will complement the launch of BIZpaye Crypto.

The BIZpaye Group of Companies is a proven transactional system that enhances both the cashflow and customer base of every business and offers a range of unique benefits that can only be found in the BIZpaye system. BIZpaye International has already established Master & Domestic Franchises in many countries around the world and continues to grow at a rapid pace.

In anticipation of your purchase of your trust in BIZpaye Crypto, we would like to thank you for your interest and we look forward to growing the opportunities that BIZpaye can offer to end users in the months and years ahead.

Your's In Trading

Laurie Muir
Founder & Managing Director
BIZpaye International Group of Companies