Why BIZpaye CRYPTO ?

Growth - Organically Grown 12 Countries In Just 5 Years - Imagine The Possibilities Post ITO

Currency - BIZpaye CRYPTO Will Become The 4th Currency Available To BIZpaye Merchants

Technology - Current & Future Blockchain Technology Enhancing The Transaction Experience For Our Members & Merchants

Marketplace - Bring To The Blockchain A Real World Marketplace With 1000’s Active Merchants

World First Bizpaye Crypto - Merchants Can Barter Their Goods & Services Through BIZpaye To Purchase Tokens

Why The BIZpaye CRYPTO TOKEN Will Be Unique

Focus On Merchant Growth

  • Most Tokens Focus Efforts Towards Stimulating Only Token Holder Use
  • BIZpaye Focus On Stimulating Merchants To Accept Tokens
  • With An Existing & Growing List Of Merchants Who Accept Tokens, Consumer Token Holders Will Organically Transact Through Increased Opportunities

Pre-Token Purchase Trust

  • Active Marketplaces Already In Place Where Products Are Bought & Sold Everyday
  • New Products Will Come Online Daily For Token Holders To Buy Using BIZpaye CRYPTO
  • Will Drive Many New Merchants To Join Network

​World’s First Barter Industy Token

  • An Allocation Of Tokens Sold On Barter
  • New Merchants Can Sell Excess Products To Other BIZpaye Members & Get Paid In BIZpaye Barter Credits
  • Use Those Barter Credits To Purchase Tokens