<h1>A Real World Retail Marketplace <br>For The Blockchain</h1> <h1>The World’s First Cashless ITO For B2B’s<span>^<span></h1><p>With An Already Established Merchant Marketplace Spanning 9 Countries</p> <h1>The World’s First Cashless ITO For B2B’s<span>^<span></h1><p>With An Already Established Merchant Marketplace Spanning 9 Countries</p> <h1>The World’s First Cashless ITO For B2B’s<span>^<span></h1><p>With An Already Established Merchant Marketplace Spanning 9 Countries</p>



Welcome to BIZpaye & we thank you for your interest in BIZpaye CRYPTO.

For Over 20 Years Now I have been fortunate to have been involved in the Trade Exchange industry across many countries worldwide, trading millions of dollars of products and services across many borders.

The BIZpaye International Group of Companies Core Team have more than 100 Years of combined experience in Barter, Crypto & Collective Currencies, Exchange & Currency Management, International Trade, Software Development, Sales & Marketing and more.

On top of this the BIZpaye International Group of Companies has invested heavily into our systems, technology, Franchise systems and procedures and more.

The purchase of BIZpaye CRYPTO provides you with an opportunity to not only reach more like-minded business owners and customers, through our already established Global Marketplaces. It also offers you an opportunity to strive for potential new ways to transact through the ever-growing Crypto market.

Unlike many players entering the Crypto Market, who just seem to have appeared out of nowhere, BIZpaye has been actively trading and organically growing our International Merchant Network for many years now.

To put it simply, we didn't just decide to jump on the Crypto bandwagon, the fact is, BIZpaye CRYPTO has been part of our Global Business Plan since the day we launched BIZpaye many years ago, and has been activily advertised on our Corporate Website www.BIZpaye.com.

There have been many Crypto ICO’s of late, many promising to build or deliver something at a later date.

BIZpaye enters the Crypto Market with an established Global Merchant Trading network from the start, which is a unique proposition to most ICO’s today.

BIZpaye’s “Worlds First Cashless ITO”^ is specifically designed for Business Owners, whereby they are given the opportunity to sell their goods and services through our BIZpaye Trade Network, to generate BIZpaye Trade Dollars in which to purchase BIZpaye CRYPTO during the ITO.

Via the BIZpaye “Worlds First Cashless ITO”^, we open up a new and ingenious way for business owners to enter the Crypto market, whereby they can effectively barter/swap their goods and services to purchase BIZpaye CRYPTO^, whilst growing their sales and customer base.

The BIZpaye Group of Companies comprises of a variety of different business units across many countries and provides our end users a much fairer and more attractive form of trading for business, whilst meeting modern day expectations when it comes to doing business, which will complement the launch of BIZpaye CRYPTO.

The BIZpaye Group of Companies is a proven transactional system that enhances both the cashflow and customer base of every business and offers a range of unique benefits that can only be found in the BIZpaye system. BIZpaye International has already established Master & Domestic Franchises in many countries around the world and continues to grow at a rapid pace.

In anticipation of your purchase of BIZpaye CRYPTO, we would like to thank you for your interest and trust in BIZpaye and we look forward to growing the opportunities that BIZpaye can offer to end users in the months and years ahead.

Your's In Trading

Laurie Muir
Managing Director
BIZpaye International Group of Companies


Click Here To Show Road Map

  • Global Trade Management Limited TBA 2013
    The company Global Trade Management Limited (GTM) is established in Hong Kong
  • BIZpaye Hong Kong TBA 2013
    BlZpaye Hong Kong Master Franchise Signed
  • BlZpaye Philippine December 2013
    BlZpaye Philippine Master Franchise Signed
  • Trading Commences TBA 2014
    BlZpaye Trading System Commences Operation
  • BlZpaye Australia February 2014
    BlZpaye Australia Master Franchise Signed
  • BlZpaye India March 2014
    BlZpaye India Master Franchise Signed
  • BlZpaye Corporate Division TBA 2015
    BlZpaye Corporate Division Commences (GTM) Hong Kong
  • Radio BlZpaye November 2015
    Radio BlZpaye Commences Broadcasting
  • Licensee Program TBA 2015
    BlZpaye Licensee Program Commences
  • BlZpaye Germany April 2016
    BlZpaye Germany Master Franchise Signed
  • Platinum Member Card December 2016
    BlZpaye Platinum Member Card Launched
  • Core Management Team September 2017
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Core Management Team Formed
  • BlZpaye CRYPTO R&D October 2017
    BlZpaye CRYPTO R&D Commenced
  • BlZpaye Dubai November 2017
    BlZpaye Dubai Master Franchise Signed
  • BlZpaye Cambodia January 2018
    BlZpaye Cambodia Master Franchise Signed
  • BlZpaye Canada January 2018
    BlZpaye Canada Master Franchise Signed
  • BlZpaye Norway February 2018
    BlZpaye Norway Master Franchise Signed
  • BlZpaye USA February 2018
    BlZpaye USA Master Franchise Signed
  • Cashless Early Bird Sale Commences February 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Cashless Early Bird Sale Commences
  • Cashless Early Bird Sale Ends March 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Pre-Sale & Cashless Early Bird Sale Ends
  • Seed Funding Commences March 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Seed Funding Commences
  • Website & Marketing Completed March 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Website & Marketing Completed
  • New Transaction Software April 2018
    New BlZpaye Trade Transaction Software Release
  • Pre-Sale Commences April 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Pre-Sale Commences
  • Pre-Sale Roadshow Begins April 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Pre-Sale Roadshow Begins
  • Whitepaper April 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Whitepaper Commenced
  • Lite Paper Released TBA 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Lite Paper Released
  • Soft Cap TBA 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Soft Cap Reached
  • Seed Funding Ends TBA 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Seed Funding Ends
  • Legal, KYC & AML TBA 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Legal, KYC & AML Compliance
  • General Token Sale Commences TBA 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO General Token Sale Commences
  • Milestones Announced TBA 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Milestones Announced
  • Platform Development TBA 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Platform Development
  • Beta Platform Testing TBA 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Beta Platform Testing
  • Mid Cap Achieved TBA 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Mid Cap Achieved
  • 100% Cashless ITO Commences TBA 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Stage 1 - 100% Cashless ITO Commences To New Merchants
  • 75% Cashless ITO Commences TBA 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Stage 2 - 75% Cashless ITO Commences To New Merchants
  • 50% Cashless ITO Commences TBA 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Stage 3 - 50% Cashless ITO Commences To New Merchants
  • Final Retail Token Sale TBA 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Final Retail Token Sale To Cash Buyers
  • Hard Cap Achieved TBA 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Hard Cap Achieved
  • Token Distribution TBA 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Token Distribution
  • Token Trading Commences TBA 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Token Trading Commences
  • Core Strategy Rollout TBA 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Core Strategy Rollout Commences
  • Country & Merhcant Growth Continues TBA 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Country & Merhcant Growth Continues

Our Objective

To Deliver Flexible And More Convenient Ways To Transact Across All Borders, While Providing Complete Transparency And Low Fees To A Global Audience Within the BIZpaye Ecosystem.

The BIZpaye Team Aims To Offer Ways To Liquidize Idle And Spare Capacity For Small And Medium Sized Enterprises And Help Them Generate More Revenue And Provide A Leaner Business Model.

What Is BIZpaye?

  • Credit Card Style Business That Operates Along The Same Lines Of A Small Bank
  • Global Franchised Transaction Network Operating In 12 Countries & Growing
  • Owned By Global Trade Management Hong Kong Operational Since 2013
  • Core Management Team 100+ Years Experience in Transaction, IT & Tech, Sales & Marketing Industries
  • Our Merchants Trade Millions Of Dollars Of Products & Services Every Month No Cash
  • World's First Variable Currency Transactional Platform
    • Cash
    • Barter Points
    • Reward Points
    • Soon BIZpaye CRYPTO

Virtual Currency = A 50 Year Old Industry

Virtual Currencies Not New

  • Virtual Currencies Such As BIZpaye Crypto Are Not A New  Phenomenon
  • Barter Exchange Industry Have Been Using Online & Offline Virtual Currencies For Over 50 Years
  • As Much As The Fax Machine Was A Precursor To The Email The Barter Currency (BIZpaye) Was The Precursor To Crypto

Virtual Barter Currency

  • BIZpaye Has It's Own Virtual (Barter) Currency
  • Local Trade Currency Is Pegged To The Local Cash Currency For Example
  • 99% Of Governments Recognize Barter Currency Such As BIZpaye Trade Dollars
    • Australia = Trade Dollar or T$
    • Thailand = Trade Baht or TB
    • 1 x Cash $ = 1 x Trade $

BIZpaye Barter Currency

  • Merchants Across The World Use BIZpaye's Barter Currency To Trade Millions Of Dollars  Every Month such as
    • Restaurant Meals
    • Car Repairs
    • Hair Cuts
    • New & Used Cars
    • Purchasing Condos/Apartments & More

How BIZpaye Barter Works

BIZpaye Operates Just Like A Credit Card / Small Bank But Uses A Barter Credit As A Currency

We Issue Members With A Plastic Transaction Card Just Like A Credit Card

Merchants Use Online Banking Software To Access Their Accounts

Merchants Can Transact In Various Ways;

  • Online: Via Their Account
  • Mobile: Our App
  • Via Account Manager (Telephone Authorization)
  • Offline Paper Credit Card Style Voucher

BIZpaye Aims To Solve The Current Problems With Crypto

Anyone Can Create A Token & Launch It As A Currency

But Majority Have No Experience Managing & Developing A Currency & Lack The Ability To Deploy It At A Merchant Level
BIZpaye’s Team Has Decades Of Experience Managing Virtual & Real Currency’s In A Merchant Market

Current Tokens Have Limited Uses When It Comes To Monetization

Most Can Only Be Used For;

  • Investment
  • Trading Between Tokens
  • Converting To Fiat

But What Most People Want Is To Use Crypto In Everyday Retail Spend
BIZpaye Has Solved This With Our Already Establish Merchant Market Operating In 12 Countries, with 1000’s of BIZpaye Merchants That Already Accept Virtual Currency (BIZpaye Barter Credits)

Merchant's Still Require Localized Education & Support To Accept Crypto As A Currency

Take The Case Of BITCOIN, Estimated Only 100k Businesses Accept & There Are No Entities That Actively Recruit New Merchants To Trade & Manage These Merchants On A Daily Basis.

  • Merchants Worldwide Won’t Let Consumers Purchase Products & Services With Crypto Without Trust & Education
  • Merchants Need Localized Contact In Order To Be Educated Before They Will Accept Crypto As A Currency
  • A Merchant Will Not Easily Be Sold Into Trading Goods & Services By A Crypto Token Entity If That Token Entity Is On The Other Side Of The World & Does Not Have Localized Support For The Merchants  

BIZpaye’s Office Network In 12 Countries Has Solved This Issue – BIZpaye Has Been Recruiting & Growing Merchant Networks That Accept Virtual Currencies (Barter Credits) For Many Years Now

The Crypto Industry Is Challenged By The Cart Before The Horse Syndrome

Most Will Ask For Funding Through ICO’s First Then Promise To Build It
BIZpaye Has Already Developed The Foundation Of It’s Merchant Network Over The Past 5 Years
BIZpaye Offers A real World Marketplace For The Blockchain – There’s No Waiting We Are Here & Growing

Our Current Merchant Base Is BIZpaye Crypto Ready

Virtual Currency Ready

  • BIZpaye Merchant's Already Have An Open Mindset To Accepting Our Virtual Barter Credit Currency
  • Because Of Their Open Mindsets To Accepting A Virtual Currency, The Deployment Of BIZpaye Crypto As A Means To Transact Is A Simple Process

Other Barter Company’s

  • There Are Hundreds Of Other Barter Companies Around The World & Seeking To Link Their Merchants Into The BIZpaye Crypto Ecosystem  Upon Its Deployment
  • This Will Open Up BIZpaye Crypto To 10's Of Thousand's More Merchants Worldwide

Our Merchants Want Crypto

  • Our Existing BIZpaye Merchants Are 100% Behind Our BIZpaye Crypto Project, Here’s Why….
  • 28th Of February 2018
  • 8 Hour Pre-Whitepaper Sale 
  • Thailand Merchants Pre-Purchased  US$2 Million In Tokens.
  • This Proves That Our Merchant's Are Ready For BIZpaye Crypto

Our Market Opportunities – The Global Barter Market

  • $10,364,347,779

  • $9,282,114,489

  • $8,299,573,721

  • $23,001,625,604

  • $22,689,349,366

The World Bank Estimates The Barter Industry Has Grown Dramatically Over The Past 30 Years

  • These Figures Do Not Take Into Account Unrecorded Barter Transactions Which Are Estimated To Be Worth Almost The Same Value In Transactions.
  • Spare Capacity In Every Business Is What This Industry Thrives On.

The World Barter Market Penetration 1980

The World Barter Market Penetration 2016

The World Is Certainly A Different Place For Barter Over The Past 30 Years

Our Market Opportunities – Spare Capacity In Business

Unsold Capacity In Business Today Is Estimated To Be Worth More Than $7 Trillion Dollars

Spare Capacity Is The Ability To Take On More Business Without Increasing Fixed Cost. Spare Capacity Is Also Known As “Downtime, Excess Inventory, Unproductive/Unsold Assets Or Deal Capital” And There Is An Estimated $7 Trillion Dollars Of It World-wide. From Unsold Appointment Time, Empty Hotel Rooms, Unsold Venue Passes, Unfilled Advertising Space, Rapidly Depreciating Stock, End-of-line Items Or Oversupplied Products All Represent Lost Revenue Which Otherwise Will Never Be Recovered.

Imagine If We Could Monetize This Spare Capacity Through A Decentralized Single Crypto Barter Currency

  • Spare Capacity Is A Business & Industry Killer
  • But It Can Also Be A Massive Opportunity For The Crypto Industry
  • Spare Capacity Not Only Touches Traditional Business Goods & Services But More Recently Has Extended To Include The Share Community Industry With Household Names Rising Out Of This Massive Spare Capacity Market Such As;

Whilst Household Names Have Grown Out Of The Community Sharing Spare Capacity Sector, The Focus Of Converting This $7 Trillion Dollar Business Spare Business Capacity Market Through Crypto Has Been Relatively Untouched – Until Now.

Monetizing $7 Trillion Dollars Of Business Spare Capacity Comes In Many Forms


Monetize Idle Stock & Time, Appts


Monetize End Of Line & Slow
Moving Stocks


Monetize Over Production Or Fill Production


Monetize Gov’t Surplus & Waste


Monetize Empty Tables, Rooms, Bookings

BIZpaye Crypto

Our Market Opportunities Spare Capacity + Barter

Business Spare Capacity

Barter Market



Growth - Organically Grown 12 Countries In Just 5 Years - Imagine The Possibilities Post ITO

Currency - BIZpaye CRYPTO Will Become The 4th Currency Available To BIZpaye Merchants

Technology - Current & Future Blockchain Technology Enhancing The Transaction Experience For Our Members & Merchants

Marketplace - Bring To The Blockchain A Real World Marketplace With 1000’s Active Merchants

World First ITO - Merchants Can Barter Their Goods & Services Through BIZpaye To Purchase Tokens

Why The BIZpaye ITO Will Be Unique

Focus On Merchant Growth

  • Most Token ITO’s Focus Efforts Towards Stimulating Only Token Holder Use
  • BIZpaye Focus On Stimulating Merchants To Accept Tokens
  • With An Existing & Growing List Of Merchants Who Accept Tokens, Consumer Token Holders Will Organically Transact Through Increased Opportunities

Pre-Token Purchase Trust

  • Active Marketplaces Already In Place Where Products Are Bought & Sold Everyday
  • New Products Will Come Online Daily For Token Holders To Buy Using BIZpaye CRYPTO
  • ITO Will Drive Many New Merchants To Join Network

​World’s First Barter ITO

  • World's First Cashless & Traditional Parallel ITO
  • An Allocation Of Tokens Sold On Barter
  • New Merchants Will Join During ITO, They Can Sell Excess Products To Other BIZpaye Members & Get Paid In BIZpaye Barter Credits
  • Use Those Barter Credits To Purchase Tokens  During Cashless Part Of The ITO

Post ITO Strategies

All Post ITO Strategies Designed To Maximize The Technological Benefits Of The Blockchain Through Transactions Whilst Ensuring Continued Growth Of The BIZpaye CRYPTO Merchant Network Globally

  • Development Of World’s First Multi-currency Transactional App
  • BIZpaye Blockchain Marketplace
  • Acquisition & Mergers Of Existing Marketplace & Market Makers
  • Acquisition Of Businesses Core To Our Operations
  • World’s First Crypto Merchant Rewards Program
  • Treasury Strategies
Franchise Office/Network Growth
  • Additional Master Franchises Will Be Launched In More Countries
  • All Offices Will Become A Type Of Localized Apple Service Centre For The BIZpaye Crypto Program Where Merchants Will Have Access To Local Customer Service, Education & Support
  • Even Before Our ITO Has Started - BIZpaye Has Signed 5 New Master Country Licenses That Will Commence Operation Post ITO

Token Usage & Allocation

Bizpaye CRYPTO Team

Laurie Muir

Laurie Muir

Founder & Managing Director

About Laurie

Laurence (aka Laurie) is a dynamic and highly motivated business professional who has a proven track record in a range of industry's including transaction, retail, international trade, government and diplomatic channels, sales, marketing, strategic management through to international business development.

Laurie set up the BIZpaye International Group of Companies 5 years ago, and from a zero-funding base and has organically grown this international business, which now has Franchised operations in 9 countries.

Key to the success of BIZpaye has been the collaborative approach that Laurie has instilled within the operation worldwide.

Laurie’s strengths in sales, marketing and business development have ensured that the BIZpaye proposition to market was both attractive and innovative. Whilst many of his competitors said that variable trade transaction systems would not work, Laurie has shown the industry that with the right systems, right people and right approach, business owners will openly embrace this new style of transactional trading within their business.  

In the Transaction and Barter Trade Industry, Laurie has exceeded at all levels and areas of this amazing industry, including;

World Record Holder For New Member Sales (Bartercard) - with the recruitment of 43 cash paying new businesses clients in 1 month.

Numerous global barter sales and trading achievements.

Corporate Barter Trading Specialist - facilitating numerous large one-off and continual deals from commercial aircraft, large distressed inventories, continual supply chains and more.

Laurie utilizes his strengths in marketing, sales and management to deliver a broad range of face-to-face training and development to all of BIZpaye's International operations.

Laurie’s career spans a diverse and somewhat interesting career, 

  • BIZpaye International - Founder & Managing Director
  • BBX Thailand – Founder & Deputy Managing Director
  • BBX International    - International Business Development Manager
  • Global iCare - General Manager Global Marketing & Sales
  • Bartercard Thailand – Owner Bartercard Franchise in Pattaya & Phuket    
  • Bartercard Australia - National Marketing Manager
  • Queensland Chamber of Commerce & Industry - National Sales & Marketing Manager
  • South Pacific Trade Commission - Senior Marketing & Trade Advisor to The South Pacific Heads of Government & Departments
  • Domino’s Pizza - NSW Marketing Manager
  • Empire Hotel Group - Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Edge - Private Enterprise Business Owner
Bjorn Hellesylt

Bjorn Hellesylt

Co-Founder & Director

About Bjorn

Wayne Dobson

Wayne Dobson

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

About Wayne

Wayne is a technology and business professional with a strong academic and personal achievement background to boot. It was back in 1977 (at the age of 11) when Wayne first started his now 40 year career in IT… Back then it was 8 bit assembler and machine code … how things progress.

After graduating from Manchester in the late 80's he worked in all aspects of technology. His interest progressed from the raw technical and software deveopment skills (which is has in abundance demonstrated by the fact he achieved no fewer than 10 Microsoft Professional Certifications or MCP's and was one of the first people in the UK to achieve MCSD.net all those years ago) to how technology changed the way businesses work.

Ultimately Wayne took up further studies and research at university of liverpool graduating with an MBA. Wayne is an addictive student and achiever having such things as running the London Marathon for charity, Airline Transport Pilots Licence (frozen ATPL fixed wing), Private Pilots licence (rotary), Master Scuba Diver Trainer Qualified, Trainer of trainers of Neuro Linguistic Programming at Master Practitioner level, Fire Walking instructor, single handed construction of a full sized aerobatic Aircraft (GB-TJX)... the list goes on...

Over the years Wayne has held positions at CTO and CEO levels in various startup and exit situations. In the naughties Wayne went from one venture to the next running both small and large ventures and the technology within them. Working with clients such as National Coal Board, British Telecom, Barclays Bank, European Patent office, Virgin… once again the list goes on and on...

One of the largest project was the creation and operation of a 100+ man development team in Bangalore. The multidisciplinary team achieved massive success and ultimately allowed for Mountain Software Holdings to be acquired by Computer Software Group which in-turn was acquired by IRIS, a major player in the Software industry.
In short Wayne gets things done!

Per Lind

Per Lind

Chief Blockchain Compliance Officer

About Per

Per, born in Denmark and currently residing in Thailand, has been active in the Bitcoin community since 2009 and he is working with several national banks to develop cashless government solutions. He is also working with UN, World Bank and Asian Development Bank on projects about how blockchain and distributed ledgers can be used in extending financial services to the unbanked, eliminate corruption in aid disbursing on local levels, using cryptocurrency (digital money) as payment for refugee aid and with helping Asian governments in how to regulate cryptocurrencies, if at all.

He is an expert in biometric security and tokenization, which uses sophisticated cryptography to secure anything from financial transactions to how to use your mobile device as your hotel room key.

Last but not least, Per is a mentor for global accelerator programs like Startup Bootcamp advising in FinTech and RegTech issues for Asian and global startups.

He started his career by obtaining a degree in economics before jumping right into becoming a pioneer in the renewable energy industry before working as head of marketing at Bang & Olufsen. From there he achieved success at several companies in different sectors including IBM and ResponseTek in the US and Europe.

Throughout his career he has worked directly and indirectly with several of the largest brands in the world including Ford, Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz, SonyEricsson, Virgin Media and more.

BIZpaye CRYPTO Advisors

Victor Chow

Victor Chow

Advisor - Fintech Markets

About Victor

A seasoned IT serial entrepreneur and senior corporate management leader turned investor and business mentor with over 28 years of work experience in the Information Technology, Telecommunications, Financial Services and Education industries, including several years of overseas assignments in the Silicon Valley USA, UK, Europe, Japan, Korea, China, Germany, Australia and the Philippines in the fields of managing country operations, sales and marketing, CXO engagements, strategic account management, business consulting, product development, IT outsourcing and education services. Specialties: ICO/Cryptocurrencies/Blockchains/Fintech/Adtech, Innovation Management, Private Equity Investments, Big Data / Cloud Computing, Business Consulting, Strategic Account Management, Regional Business Development, Operations Management, Sales & Marketing, eGovernment, Information Technology, Marketing Communications, Telecommunications, Product Development, eLearning, Interactive Media Content Development, Corporate Training, Strategic Planning, M&A, Building High-Performance Sales & Operations Teams.

Wayne Sharpe

Wayne Sharpe

Advisor – Global Marketplaces

About Wayne

Wayne Sharpe joins the BIZpaye CRYPTO Advisory Team and is credited with creating and leading the world's grandest non-cash credit unit barter exchange Bartercard. It won awards globally including Best International and Best Domestic Franchise system (Australia), Best Business Tool (UK), and Best Entrepreneurial Business (Hong Kong).

The fact that Bartercard was one of the earliest stages of cryptocurrency makes Mr. Sharpe a true grandfather of cryptocurrency.  During the visionary's tenure at Bartercard they expedited more than $40 billion in trade and over 30 million transactions from 136 offices across 20 countries worldwide, employing more than 3,500 staff, and handling more than 50% of the global non-cash (barter) transactions.

Fast-forward to 2017 where the mushrooming of cryptocurrencies and decentralized ecosystems have opened the door to the possibilities of mass adoption of decentralized barter systems. It is our conviction that the time is ripe to monetize such a system, and backed by Mr. Sharpe's vision, experience, and contacts, we see BIZpaye CRYPTO as well positioned to be the global leader in our field.

Additionally, apart from being the founder of the Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX), a global electronic platform for the spot trading of voluntary carbon credits, Mr. Sharpe relishes sound relationships with the world's leading environmental organizations, regulators, and carbon credit standards. Also, he has appeared as keynote speaker at events such as the World Climate Summit, UN Climate Change Conference, and several other business summits.

Dr. Jason Corbett

Dr. Jason Corbett

Managing Partner at Silk Legal

About Dr. Jason

Dr. Corbett is the founder and Managing Partner of Silk Legal, a Bangkok based law firm that advises both foreign and domestic clients. Jason is admitted as solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales. He is also the Chief Investment Officer of Silver Cord Advisory, a specialist venture capital firm that invests professional services in disruptive technology start-ups throughout SE Asia.

As corporate lawyer by trade, and an entrepreneur at heart, Jason has trained in the law with a variety of in-house positions and private practice including one of Canada’s largest law firms. He has been involved in several business and start-ups at an executive level in a variety of industries ranging from legal, finance, beverage manufacturing, hospitality, environmental, e-commerce and professional consulting.

Jason’s current focus is heavily on startup law, crowd funding, commercial law and company formations. He is deeply involved with several ICO projects as legal counsel and advisor and one of the very few global experts in the space.

Abstract: Legal and regulatory compliance

The presentation will focus on the current landscape surrounding ICOs, token classifications and how to hold a successful ICO. The legal landscape surrounding ICOs is constantly changing and regulators are showing more and more interest. But the entire market is far from being regulated on a global scale. The main focus will be on some of the most important aspects when holding an ICO and legal boundaries that need to be respected.

Felix Mohr

Felix Mohr

Advisor – Marketing

About Felix

Felix Mohr is originally from Germany. Deriving from a background of Cryptocurrency trading and ICO investment. Felix, is highly experienced in finding the right set-up for a great trade and knows what it takes for new upcoming projects to succeed in the blockchain industry. He is now the Project Manager at Silk Krypto, a Crypto advisory & consultancy firm. Currently, he is working with several projects on creating their right ICO strategy and marketing plan.

Michael Massey

Michael Massey

Advisor - Corporate & Social Ethics

About Michael

David Cavanagh

David Cavanagh

Advisor - Marketing & Social Media Integration

About David

When It Comes To Internet Marketing David Is One Of The World's Best

David Cavanagh has spoken as a keynote speaker on stages since 2004, with well known professionals such as Jim Rohn, Jay Abraham, Joel Bauer, Andy Harrington, Richard and Veronica Tan, Mike Koenigs, Mitch Carson, Ernesto Verdugo, Dave Crane, Robert Allen, Mike Filsaime, Armand Morin, Pat Mesiti, Nik Halik, Mal Emery, Fabian Lim, Jeff and Kane, Brett McFall, Tom Hua (just to name a few).

David's a seasoned Internet business coach and mentor as well as being known as an "executive entrepreneur", "growth strategist", "bestselling author & consultant" and "keynote speaker".

David Cavanagh has over 30 years experience in sales, marketing and coaching and has sold millions of dollars of products and services, both online and offline in 17 countries for himself and his clients.

He's appeared numerous times on TV with his latest appearances being in Dubai at the World Trade Centre, Burj Al Arab, Google Dubai and on live TV on CNBC Arabia (November 2016) from Dubai Internet City.

He's a coach and mentor to the World's best leaders specialising in keynote speaking, cosmetic surgery, law, travel and tourism, dental, SEO medical and legal marketing, real estate, property development, business owners and much more.

David's clients are always positioned on Page 1 of Google.com, YouTube.com and are found all over the web on the major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

He helps these companies get more leads, more conversions and more sales - the three things all business owners need to succeed online and offline.

David is a leading authority on how to get started on the internet, whether you're a beginner, an intermediate or highly skilled and need to take your business to the next level.

David was born in Sydney, Australia to parents with very little money, yet took his income from $250 a week in 2003 to over $1,000,000 a year in less than 3 years with his simple, step by step “A to Z” online and offline marketing system.

He has won numerous "Best Speaker" awards at seminars all around the World, as well as receiving hundreds of sales and marketing accolades and testimonials from his students, jv partners, speakers, coaches, CEO’s and leading industry professionals.

A former DJ, David increased his income from $7,800 to $247,000 in 51 days when he managed to secure 32 clubs to employ him and his team of disc jockeys when he started the Disc Jockey Booking Centre in Sydney, Australia.

He loves to have fun, and enjoys an incredible lifestyle with his wife (Nisarat) and his two daughters (Pannipa and Fahsai) in Pattaya Beach, Thailand. David also has a daughter (Krystal) who lives on the Gold Coast in Australia (with his grandson, Julius).

David has a heart of gold, and is known for massively over-delivering in his coaching and mentoring programs, because of his passion for helping people succeed in making money online and offline. 

David has coaches in Australia, UK, Dubai, USA, Singapore and in Thailand, to help, support assist and nurture over 7,000 World-wide students.

He believes "the only truth is the end result", and wants all of his students and clients to experience exceptional results in their businesses from the moment you start working with him.

If you truly want to become an industry leader, an online and offline celebrity, want to make money on the internet quicker, faster and easier than ever before, and start a business to do what you want, when you want, then David Cavanagh is the man you need to listen to immediately.

Pauline Song

Pauline Song

Advisor - Strategic Wealth

About - Pauline

Luther Monson

Luther Monson

Advisor - Payments & Transactions

About Luther

Yarden Gravador‏

Yarden Gravador‏

Advisor - Media Management

About Yarden‏

BIZpaye CRYPTO Country Master Franchises

Bill Yeo

Bill Yeo

BIZpaye Australia

Robert Sullivan

Robert Sullivan

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Andrew Pludek

Andrew Pludek, Soldier, Systems Analyst, Shopkeeper, Business Owner, Business Broker,
Entrepreneur, Trade Broker, Landlord, Hotel Manager, Sailor and Shipowner, a varied career
follows the path since High School until now as he expands his Trade Exchange reach all
across the Net to reach business owners and budding entrepreneurs to achieve results
through a combination of street smarts and business experience.
Andrew has been all of the above over the last 49 years. Never wanting to be a ‘salesman”
but people demanded and he has provided the service, the smile , the enthusiasm and the
temperance of his business and people skills across the range of business activities and
people who he has met and worked with.
Above all else, Andrew wants to be able to say to people who are in business or want to be in
business that he could help and has helped them reach their goals. Using a combination of
expertise in sales, entrepreneurship, book work, the understanding of gross margin and the
ability of business to generate more business.
Business Experience
1981-1985 Alberta Country General Store Owner/Operator
1985-1988 Andrews Business Brokerage Halifax Yorkshire UK
1988-1992 Andrews Business Services Calgary Alberta Vending Machines and supplies
1991-1995 Canadian Business Brokers in Calgary. Business Broker
1996-1997 American Barter Systems, Employed As a Trade Broker
2005-2008 Landlord 12 suite Apartment Building Hanna Alberta
2005-2010 SS Beaver Refit, Marketing and Business Planning for Proposed Relaunch
2010- 2016Management Kootenay Country Inn and Suds “n”Duds Laundromat Cranbrook BC
1997-Present TradeWins! Trade Exchange Owner/Operator, Alberta, BC, US and the Internet
Current Projects
Expansion of TradeWins! Into new markets by taking on the Master Franchise for North
America with BizPaye of Hong Kong, a recognized leader in trade and barter operating in SE
Asia, Australasia, the Indian Subcontinent and Europe, and with new developments in
cryptocurrencies to come.
Relaunch of a Successful Pollution Control Device involving Capital Funding and Marketing.
Many Real Estate based investment and Sales projects.
Multifaceted Expansion of the TradeWins! Trade system using the Evalues.net platform onto
the world stage by teaching, hands on tutorials and experience transfer to budding
entrepreneurs and business owners.
Andrew is a family man, and he and his wife Christina alternate their home base between
Alberta in the winter and starting in the spring of 2018, each summer on the waters off
Vancouver Island in their new-to-them 39ft Folkes Steel Cutter.
Their children are successful in their own right, their daughter in Call Centre management for
8 years and now looking after her family at home in Cranbrook BC and their son as a
Commissioned Officer finishing up his 25th year in Uniform and his 15th year in the Cadet
Instructors Cadre Branch of the Canadian Military and employed in his second tour as
Commanding Officer of 180 RCACC in Edmonton, as well as pursuing his career in Wireless
Technical Support after graduating with honours at NAIT 2017 in Network Systems

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Victor Chow

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Victor Chow: My landline: +65 93361190

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